Eyebrow & Eyelashes Tinting Kit

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Home Eyebrow Tinting Made Easy!

If you’re tired of filling in and retouching your brows every single day but don’t want to splurge on expensive salon brow sessions, then this Eyebrow & Eyelashes Tinting Kit is for you! It is an affordable, semi-permanent option so you can achieve professional looking, long-lasting, thick, and natural brows easily at home. 

This kit features the items that you can use much like dyeing your hair at home so you don’t need to keep redoing your brows even after getting up in the morning, sweating at the gym, or swimming at the pool.

You can also use this to have thicker and darker lashes and it comes in three shades you can choose that should be lighter than your hair color. Naturally formulated with keratin and collagen which will not cause harm to your skin. 


  • Affordable home eyebrow tinting - Save time and money on professional eyebrow tinting with this home eyebrow tinting kit that gives you semi-permanent thick brows.

  • Long-lasting and waterproof - Designed to last long so you don’t have to keep filling in and drawing your brows every time you wake up or get it wet

  • Quick and easy to use - Simply mix the dye and apply them on your eyebrows with a spoolie brush making sure that it doesn’t stain the areas around by using petroleum jelly. 

  • Available in 3 shades - Comes in coffee, black, brown colors you can choose but recommended that it should be lighter than your hair color. 
  • Natural ingredients - Formulated with collagen and keratin for thicker and natural looking eyebrows that will not damage your skin. 

  • Multifunctional - May be used also for other areas like the eyelashes, beard, and mustache.  

How to use

  • Squeeze out a good amount of dye from the tube into a glass or plastic container and 4-5 drops of the developer included and mix until it turns into a special paste. 
  • Apply some petroleum jelly around the eyebrows using a cotton stick to avoid staining your skin. 
  • For eyelashes, make sure to apply petroleum jelly around the area and place cotton sheets below the lashes. 
  • Cover the eyebrows with the dye mix and make sure to avoid the surrounding skin and brush it according to your brow shape. 
  • Leave the dye on your brows for one minute before removing them with wet cotton and then gently dry.
  • Repeat the process 5 to 6 weeks to achieve optimum results. 
  • People with sensitive skin must do a preliminary skin test before using the product. 


  • Ingredient: Dye Tinting Cream
  • Weight: 20g
  • Color:  Coffee, brown & black

Products Included

  • 1 x Brow Color Dye
  • 1 x Developer
  • 1 x Spoolie Brush

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